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Membership Information

It's very easy to become a member of the Vernon Curling Club. 

$75 Membership fee - waived for new members in their first year
Every member pays this once every year, regardless of the number of leagues in which they register. The Club Membership Fee includes the Capital Improvement Fee as well as CurlBC & Curling Canada Association Dues.  If you are a first-time member, this membership fee is waived for your first year of curling.

League dues - In addition to the $75 membership fee, every league has a set price for per-person league dues. What is displayed on the league page is the individual fee for participating on a 4-person team. For teams with more than 4 players, the fee is prorated for all players registered on that team. Some leagues also have a social fee that covers their league social events throughout the season.  All players must pay the Membership fee and league social fees.

SHARE THE LOAD LOAN - Those members who participated will receive a $25 reduction.

$4 BCIMCA FEE - All 60+ Daytime men and women are required to pay a $4 BCIMCA fee. This fee is forwarded to BCIMCA for their association and championships.

25% discount - Members joining more than 1 league receive 25% off their 2nd & subsequent league dues

Registered Team Member - any player who has paid the Club Membership and league social fees and is listed as a player on a specific team is considered a registered team member and can play any position for that team.

SparesA fully paid club member may spare in any league for any team at no extra charge, as long as that team already has 4 fully paid team members. All spares must abide by that leagues' spare rules.

Spare only - A person can purchase a 5-game punch pass for $75. This entitles them to spare 5 times. They must sign register online. Punch passes will be issued by & kept in the office. If they wish to spare additional games, they must pay a $75 membership fee which includes affiliation fees and pay $15 per additional game played. 

Senior Men's Drop-in - All participants must pay the Club Membership Fee to play in this league. They can join the league for $298 which includes 2 games/week or $150 for 1 game/week or half a season, or purchase a $75 punch card for initial 5 games. Additional games will require them to join the league and pay the difference.

CLUB POLICY… All League Dues MUST be paid in full BEFORE the first game

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League schedules, teams and results can all be found in the members section of the website once you LOGIN.

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