An exciting new discipline that has been developed by Curling Canada.
Tailor made for fast-paced fun & physically distanced safety.

  • 3 person teams (all ages welcome), 6 rocks per end (2 per player)
  • one player at the throwing end, not go to past the near hogline
  • one player (sweeper) between the hoglines, and sweeps hogline to hogline
  • one player (skip) at the far end, calls the shots and sweeps hogline into the house
  • Each player will rotate through the three positions, playing 2 ends as lead, 2 as middle, 2 as skip
  • No opponent stone in play (guard or in the house) can be removed prior to the 4th delivered stone
  • Traditional scoring.

Dates – Oct 25, Nov 8, 22, Dec 13, Jan 3, 17, 31, Feb 14, 28, Mar 14