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15 questions to ask yourself before shopping for shoes

New on the market Hardline Curling Equipment, worn & used by Team McEwen and Team Carruthers
Asham We carry (for both women and men) the Grand Slam Ultra Lite, the Tour Ultra Lite, the Slam Lites and the Competitor Lite. We also have a few pairs of the original and Slams and Competitors. All these shoes utilize the rotator disk round teflon sliders. You choose the shoe then purchase the slider thickness you want.
Balance Plus The shoe with the “dimple” that imparts more stability to your delivery. We have the 500 series. It comes with attachable slider in different thicknesses. Available for right & left handers both male and female. Worn by our very own Dave Merklinger.
Goldline: We carry the new Podium shoes – Gold & Silver. These shoes were conceived with the purpose of equipping every level of curler with footwear that would optimize performance & comfort, with development input from Team Martin. Silver have Leather upper, magenta accent on ladies, silver accents on the men’s. The gold has Thinsulate insulation to provide warmth & cushioning and leather upper with reinforced toe patch.
Olson: From one of curling’s oldest suppliers we carry the OLE (men’s) with white accents and FLY (women’s) with pink or blue accents. These shoes feature an improved grip and are lightweight, eliminating unnecessary drag. These feature a two piece slider that is fully glued to the sole of the shoe.
Tournament: This Company’s shoe line includes the entry level Eagle with a 1/16″ slider, available for both genders and the Ultima shoe in 5/32″ slider thickness.
Gripper is included with all new shoes.


We will help you choose the broom that’s right for you. There is an extensive array from which to choose – carbon fibre, fibre-lite and fibre glass. For those new to curling the broom choices can be intimidating but we will guide you through the process of selecting a broom that’s right for you. Our selection includes:
Balance Plus brooms are our biggest sellers (in a myriad of colours) both carbon fibre and fibre glass
Tournament products from entry level to carbon fibre brooms
Goldine boasts the popular Fibre Lite brooms which is a combination of carbon fibre and fibre glass
Performance is the company that revolutionized brushing for more effective head movement.
Tranformer brushes are available in either carbon fibre or fibre glass shafts if you want the flexibility of the Transformer option.
Replacement Heads: We carry pads and heads for Performance, 8 Ender, and Goldline handles.
Delivery devices (sticks) made by Extender, Sure Shot, and Goldline and we carry Asham & Edge Stabilizers