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VCC Playing Guidelines Summary


The Vernon Curling Club is actively monitoring and complying with guidelines established by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), Curling Canada, and the City of Vernon. The health, safety, and protection of our members and staff are our main priority. As we continue to receive new directives, we will amend our policies and processes in order to promote a safe environment.


  • Masks MANDATORY in all warm areas of the club
  • Members will be able to access the lower lobby 15 minutes prior to the start of their game. League draw times will be staggered to allow for better flow when accessing the facility.
  • League draw will be posted near the entrance and, as always, available on the website.
  • Please come to the rink dressed ready for play, change shoes on chairs/benches provided, and then head onto the ice area. Outdoor shoes, jackets, purses, bags etc must be brought with you to your sheet. No storage in the lobby will be permitted.
  • When a player has reached their sheet, they should immediately leave their bag or equipment in the appropriate location behind their sheet and then move onto the ice surface and proceed as far along the sheet as is necessary to allow others to access the ice while maintaining at least 2 meters distance from each other.
  • Instead of shaking hands, please wave, nod, or raise your brooms together.
  • Determining hammer…bring your own coin, or consider ‘rock-paper-scissor’, or odd/even with a stopwatch
  • A designated team member must sanitize their teams’ rock handles using the sanitizing wipes provided.

During Play

  • Curlers must follow physical distancing guidelines set out by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO)
  • One sweeper per rock * UPDATED RULE – OCT 25 – SEE LINK ABOVE **
  • One third will be designated to do all measuring, sanitizing hands before & after use of the measurement stick.
  • The third of the team who scores in the first end will post the scores for both teams for the duration of that game.
  • When there is a side walkway, or empty sheet available, players are encouraged to use that space for distancing
  • Clean your rock using a glove or your broom, not your bare hand.
  • Team that scores the points clears the rocks at the conclusion of the end. 


  • Players are to gather their belongings while distancing themselves from other players.
  • If it is necessary to cross behind other sheets that are still active, it may be necessary to request a player on that sheet to move to allow for the players to leave.
  • Players should be aware that games may finish prior to theirs and they may have to move to accommodate them leaving.
  • Please clear your own garbage & recycling
  • Winning third to mark scores on the criss/cross board.
  • Masks MANDATORY in all warm areas of the club. No mask = no bar service.


  • Water dispensers will not be available, so please bring your own filled water bottle
  • Concession will have a limited menu available daytime only, with seating available in the upstairs lounge.
  • Spectators welcome, upstairs only, and must follow physical distancing guidelines and sign a waiver upon entering
  • Locker rooms will not be available for the 20-21 season.
  • Pool table, shuffleboard and dart boards will not be available.

Vernon Curling Club Board of Directors and staff will do their best to enforce these guidelines and will continue to update the members to any changes. We appreciate that all members will help by physically distancing which will allow us to stay open and keep everyone as safe as possible.