Welcome to Vernon’s Annual Two on Two. This is a fun event and here are MY rules and a few suggestions on how to be successful at this game.

Four ends per game, 4 blocks of teams, 5 games for each team. The ice will be mopped, pebbled and nipped after the completion of first two games. The other games go as is.

No free guard zone. REMOVE the hacks when not in use.

Everyone throws 4 rocks in a row (4 lead, 4 skip). Decide before the game starts who will throw the first four rocks. There will be NO changes during the game; but you can change for the next game.
The thrower of the rock is NOT allowed past the halfway point (including your delivery slide) until they have completed shooting their four rocks of the end. This is to keep the pace of the game going and avoid unnecessary discussions. The only person permitted at the other end is the non-thrower. The only time both players can be at the playing end is between the handover of the throwing position (i.e. between rocks 4 and 5) and at the conclusion of the end. The halfway point will be designated as the Blue post between Okanagan Wealth sign and the A&G sign.

Each game should take no longer than 1 hour to complete. The non-thrower may position themselves in the house to hold the broom and then when the rock is released they may run down and sweep OR they may choose to sweep and have the thrower use a reference point for the broom (I strongly suggest the latter).

Each team is allowed 2 hits per end. A hit is defined as making opponents stone strike any board or the side line. If you make a double, triple or quad of the oppositions stone, that is counted as ONE hit. REMOVE THE HACKS from the playing end, allowing a rock to hit the backboards without interference. Removing your own rock(s) from play does not count as a hit.

Sweeping is only permitted by the non-thrower of the team. You are NOT allowed to throw and jump-up and sweep your own rock as you are not allowed past the halfway point. Regular rules apply to sweeping opposition rocks behind the t-line. In addition, the non-throwing team may sweep their own rock to touch the back board or sideline to be counted as ‘a hit’ against their opposition. (Remember – only TWO hits per end.)

Tied games during the round robin are decided by a draw to the button, one rock per team with sweeping. Measuring devices will be on the back shelves.
The TWO best records in each pool will qualify for a total of eight qualifiers. Ties are broken first by win/loss and second by draw to the button by both players on the team with sweeping.


The whole idea of this game is to throw soft shots and move rocks around and set your team up for a takeout late in the end.

Give the thrower a reference point to shoot at (edge of 8, middle of 12, etc) and a suggestion of weight and what shot is being called. The thrower will throw it and the second person will sweep it with the thrower guiding the sweeper for line.

When the changeover of throwing position occurs (after 4 rocks) you can meet at the playing end to discuss strategy and how to proceed for the final 4 rocks. Remember, the thrower is NOT allowed past halfway point.